About Our Club

Various rules and regulations assist the playing of competitions and the administration of the Golf
section. These consist of:

1. Competition Etiquette
2. BCGS Local Rules
3. British Club Bylaws relating to Club Sections
4. Golf Section Administrative Regulations
5. Competition Guidelines


Please always Check‐In with the Starter at least 45 minutes before the first tee‐time.
Always putt out, except in Matchplay, unless the BCGS Starter directs otherwise.
Always exchange cards with a fellow competitor, clearly record the scores at each hole of the fellow competitor and yourself, and ensure that you name your card and sign it, together with the signature of the Marker. Then hand in the card to the Scorer.
Ensure you can always identify your ball. There is a penalty for playing the wrong ball.
If in doubt, play the course as you find it and the ball as you find it.


The BCGS local rules are to be used in conjunction with any Local Rules of the course being played, and to take precedence over them if there is any conflict.

  1. Water hazards. Unless marked otherwise by yellow posts (water hazard) or red posts (lateral water hazard), the margins of the hazard are defined as the line between any rough coming from the water and any primary rough (short semi‐rough). Hazards running across the fairway are to be played as water hazards and hazards running alongside the fairway can be played as lateral water hazards (If there is any doubt, play as a water hazard).
  2. Drop Zones may not be used.
  3. Immovable Obstructions – Staked trees, Yardage markers, Sprinkler equipment, Drainage installations, Vehicle tracks, Cart paths, Roads, Rest stops. (Free drop one club length not nearer the hole from the nearest point of relief).
  4. Landscaped (flowers or others) beds – Free drop one club length not nearer the hole from the nearest point of relief for a ball found in or lying such that your stance or intended swing is interfered with by a landscaped bed. A ball that is not found in a flowerbed is a lost ball.
  5. Embedded ball in its own pitch mark – free relief everywhere except all hazards, the teeing ground and green being played.
  6. Stones in Bunkers (but not all other loose impediments) may be removed. Rule 24‐1 applies.
  7. Aeration holes – a ball coming to rest in or on an aeration hole may:
    • Through the green, be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the point where it lay, no nearer the hole.
    • On the putting green, be placed at the nearest point not nearer the hole that avoids the situation.
  8. Immovable obstruction within 2 club lengths of the putting green, interfering with line of play of ball not in a hazard resting within 2 club lengths of the obstruction: free drop of one club length not nearer the hole from the nearest point of relief.
  9. Accidental Movement of a Ball on a Putting Green
    Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:
    When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.
    The moved ball or ball marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.
    This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.
    Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule: Matchplay – loss of hole and Stroke play – 2 strokes.


The following is extracted from the British Club Bylaws, which are governed by the General Committee of the British Club. The complete Bylaws can be viewed on the British Club website, www.britishclubbangkok.org


(a) Sections catering for special interests within the Club may be formed subject to the approval of the general Committee. Such Sections shall operate under the final authority of the General Committee. Each section shall be open to Members of all categories listed in the Constitution, Rule 6, and their spouse and children as defined in Rule 59.

(b) The Club will only recognize a section which is sustainable and consists only of Club members, spouses and children: two exceptions to this are the Golf Section and the Pipe Band under bylaws 48.5 and 48.6 respectively. In accordance with rule 66 if any section is fielding a representative Club Team in an accredited tournament at a venue away from the Club premises, it may enlist a number of non-members to play on that specific occasion providing there are no Section members wanting to play.

(c) The Club will create an annual budget for renewal of commonly held equipment (such as Bridge tables, Balut mats, Cricket stumps) and will maintain capital facilities (such as tennis courts, squash courts, cricket nets) within a an agreed renewable timetable. In addition the Club will maintain Club stored Trophies,. Club Sections will have priority use of all such equipment & facilities for its regular events as well as coaching and training, and championships, competitions & tournaments.

(d) Each Section shall hold an Annual General Meeting, to be held at the club, open to all those paying Section Subscriptions and this meeting shall approve annual Section accounts, Elect a Section Committee and set the Section subscription. The Section Committee shall manage the section, produce an annual report and accounts to the General Committee and be responsible for its pages in the Club’s Yearbook & annual Report. The Sports & Recreation manager shall provide administration for the Section and support for its various competitions and tournaments as required.

(e) Funds raised by the Section in subscriptions and surplus income from competitions and tournaments may be spent as the section sees fit and must be reported in the Club accounts. Any fees paid by section members for use of Club facilities (court fees, net fees) are the property of the Club.

(f) Each section shall be entitled to an annual Budgetary Allocation from the club funds to match that raised in subscriptions from its section members and such funds may be spent as the section Committee sees fit for the benefit of the Club and Section Members only. No Club funds in this respect may be used for the purchase of alcohol or for the benefit of non-members. Each request for the use of Club allocated funds shall be signed off by the Sports & Recreation Manager. Additional funding may be made available for the establishment of junior sections within mainstream sections and for enhancement of the Section.

(g) The Club expects all Section’s ‘Section Only’ competitions and tournaments to be self-financing, in that the entry fees and/or external sponsorship must pay for give-away/replica trophies, medals, prizes, cost of venue, food & beverage.

(h) The club may provide sponsorship, upon application to the General Committee, for an accredited competition or tournament which is open to non-Members and which the Club is hosting or fielding a representative team. The Club may also fund food and entertainment for a representative team from another Club or outside organization visiting the club. The Club shall provide a Club Plaque to give to visiting teams or present at an accredited tournament.

48.5 GOLF

(a) Purpose

The Golf Section exists to provide a basis for the play of social and competitive golf within the Club and the wider golf world, and for the development of golf within the Club.

(b) Non-members

The General Committee agrees to allow non-members to be ‘affiliates’ of the Golf Section in order to give diversity to the nature of play. Such affiliates may not serve on the Golf Section Committee nor may they receive any benefit from Club funding of Golf Section activities however such affiliates shall be eligible to buy coupons for their purchase of food & Beverage at any Golf Section activity held at the Club.]

(c) Competitions & Tournaments

(i) The Section shall run its Medal, Stableford, Eclectic, Inter-Society, and Majors tournaments and those in the monthly Bangkok Golf League on a self-financing basis.

(ii) The Club may provide sponsorship for representative Club golf teams to attend accredited competitions and tournaments where Rule 66 also applies.


∙ These Rules and Regulations shall govern the activities of the ‘British Club Golf Section’ (hereafter referred to as the ‘BCGS’).

∙ The address of the BCGS, for correspondence purposes, is: c/o the British Club, 189 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok Thailand, 10500.

∙ No changes shall be made to these Rules and Regulations except by the express approval of a majority of the elected Members of the BCGS Committee.

∙ This version of the BCGS Rules and Regulations came into effect on 1st February, 2014, with a minor modification made on 10th March 2015.

Contents Page Introduction

1.1 General 7 1.2 Objectives of the BCGS 7 1.3 Annual Subscriptions and Competition Fees 7

2. BCGS Committee

2.1 Election of the BCGS Committee 7 2.2 Composition of the BCGS Committee 8 2.3 Duties of the BCGS Committee 8 2.4 Vacancies of any BCGS position 9

3. BCGS Meetings

3.1 BCGS Committee Meetings 9 3.2 BCGS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 10 3.3 Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) 10 3.4 Non‐quorate Meetings 11

4. BCGS Affiliate Members

4.1 British Club Rules Governing BCGS Affiliate Members 11 4.2 BCGS Rules governing attendance at BCGS events by

BCGS Affiliate Members 11

5. BCGS Handicaps

5.1 BCGS Handicapping Procedure 12 5.2 New Members and Visiting Guests 12

6. BCGS Competitions

6.1 Regular BCGS Competitions 13 6.2 BCGS ‘Major Competitions’ 13 6.3 lnter‐Society/Association Matches 13

7. Trophies and Prizes

7.1 Regular Prizes 13 7.2 ‘Major’ Competitions 13 7.3 Annual Awards 13

8. Responsibilities of BCGS Members

8.1 Handicaps 14 8.2 Rulings and Golf Etiquette 14

9. Liquidation of the BCGS

9.1 Liquidation Procedure 14 9.2 Timetable for Liquidation 14


BCGS Competition Guidelines 15


1.1 General

a. Membership of the BCGS shall be open to all members of the British Club, and approved BCGS Affiliate Members (See Section 4).

b. The BCGS’s golfing year shall commence on 1st March each year, and shall conclude on 28th (or 29th) February each year. However, the Calendar Year will be used for the calculation of Golfer of the Year points and other annual prizes.

1.2 Objectives of the BCGS

a. To provide a framework for the enjoyment of both friendly and competitive regular golf events for golfers who are members of the British Club and the BCGS, for their visiting guests, and for approved BCGS Affiliate Members (See Section 4).

b. To play in accordance with the Rules of Golf as governed by the R&A/USGA. c. To uphold the spirit and etiquette of the game of Golf.

1.3 Annual Subscriptions and Competition Fees

a. The BCGS annual subscription rates shall be fixed by the BCGS AGM, and shall be payable on the first day of March each year,

b. Under instructions from the BCGS Committee, the relevant amount will be charged to the BCGS Member’s Account with the British Club Bangkok {BCB) and the Treasurer will arrange for the collection of Annual subscriptions from Affiliate Members.

c. The fee for entry into any BCGS competition shall be fixed by the BCGS Committee, as deemed appropriate, and shall be payable prior to the commencement of play in any BCGS competition.


2.1 Election of the BCGS Committee

a. The Committee may consist of a maximum of eight full members. A maximum of three Affiliate Members may also be elected to assist the Committee but the Affiliate Members are not able to vote at Committee meetings.

b. BCGS Committee members shall be elected at the AGM, where all standing Committee members will be eligible for re‐election. Only those members who are present at the AGM (or those who are unable to attend the AGM for unavoidable reasons but who have nevertheless provided their written consent) shall be eligible for election to the BCGS Committee, subject to Sub‐section 2.1.d below.

c. Nominations from the floor will be accepted providing that the candidate for a committee position agrees to such nomination and that there is a proposer and a seconder for the nominee.

d. The newly elected BCGS Committee shall assume office with effect from the conclusion of the AGM.

2.2 Composition of the BCGS Committee.

2.2.1. At the conclusion of the AGM, the new committee will convene to appoint a Captain, a Vice Captain, a Secretary, a Treasurer and assign responsibilities covering Handicaps, Fixtures, Trophies, Outpost and Website.

2.2.2. The BC Sports and Recreation Manager shall be invited to attend Committee meetings.

2.3 Duties of the BCGS Committee

2.3.1 Captain

a. Oversee the day‐to‐day running of the BCGS.

b. Organize and manage the format and staging of all BCGS competitions.

c. Maintain close liaison and communications with the General Committee of the BCB. d. Liaise with other societies/associations to arrange regular inter‐society competitions. e. Produce and dispatch letters of appreciation to any organizations/individuals providing sponsorship for BCGS events.

f. Convene all BCGS Committee and General Meetings as required, in accordance with Sub‐ section 3.1.a. (below), and collate the agenda for such meetings.

g. Delegate duties, as required, to other BCGS Committee Members.

2.3.2 Vice‐Captain

a. Take over the duties of the Captain during any periods of absence by the Captain. b. Assist the Captain and any other BCGS Committee Members, as required.

2.3.3 Secretary

a. Liaise with the Captain to determine the points for the agenda for any forthcoming BCGS Meetings (including Committee and General Meetings).

b. Dispatch details of the agenda to all BCGS Committee Members prior to the convening of any BCGS Meetings.

c. Record the minutes of each BCGS committee meeting and subsequently produce and dispatch the transcribed minutes to all BCGS Committee Members.

d. Record the minutes of any General Meetings and subsequently produce and dispatch the transcribed minutes to all BCGS Members.

e. Regularly update and maintain the BCGS Rules and Regulations and Competition Guidelines in accordance with decisions reached by the BCGS Committee.

2.3.4 Treasurer

a. Maintain the BCGS books and records and ensure the safe‐keeping of all BCGS funds, and provide an up to‐date report for presentation at each BCGS Committee Meeting. b. Provide an up‐to‐date end‐of‐year report on the BCGS fiscal year (ending on the thirtieth day of November each year) for presentation at the AGM.

c. Liaise with the BCB for the collection of annual subscriptions from the BCB accounts of BCGS members.

d. Arrange for the collection of annual subscriptions from Affiliate Members. e. Collect entry fees for all competitions, as appropriate.

f. Engage in the sale of BCGS accessories and maintain a record of such sales.

2.3.5 Handicaps

a. Administer and review the handicaps of all BCGS Members in accordance with the guidelines provided under the CONGU handicapping system.

b. Maintain a list of playing handicaps to be published on the website and periodically displayed on the BCGS Notice Board at the BCB.

c. Maintain records of all regular and annual competitions.

d. Provide each playing member with a current handicap certificate upon request.

2.3.6 Fixtures

a. Organize the golfing calendar for the BCGS golfing year.

b. Liaise with golf clubs in Thailand to negotiate the staging of BCGS events. c. Make bookings for Tee‐off times with the golf clubs in Thailand at which BCGS events are to be held.

d. Confirm the previously booked Tee‐off times prior to each BCGS event.

2.3.7 Trophies

a. Liaise with the BCGS Committee on the purchase of prizes for all competitions. b. Maintain an up‐to‐date list of all trophies held by the BCGS and ensure that the relevant trophies are delivered to the appropriate venue on the day required.

2.3.8 Outpost

a. Take photographs during and after competitions for subsequent inclusion in the Outpost Magazine.

b. Write a monthly report for inclusion in the Outpost Magazine.

c. Liaise with the Outpost Magazine to ensure that all deadlines are met for BCGS submissions to the Outpost Magazine.

2.3.9 Website

a. Maintain the BCGS website.

2.4 Vacancies of any BCGS Committee position.

The BCGS Committee may, at its discretion, and following discussion at a BCGS Committee Meeting, coopt other BCGS Members to make up its full complement (in accordance with Section 2.1a, above).


3.1 BCGS Committee Meetings

3.1.1 Quorum for a BCGS Committee Meeting

a. A minimum of half of the elected voting BCGS Committee Members must be present to form a quorum for any BCGS Committee Meeting.

b. The Captain shall retain the right to call a BCGS Committee Meeting at any time that it is deemed necessary to do so.

c. BCGS Committee Members may call for a BCGS Committee Meeting if at least one‐third of the elected Committee Members feel that such a meeting is necessary.

d. A meeting shall be convened immediately prior to any Major Competition to discuss the organization and running of the event and any ‘Special’ rules to be applied.

e. The Secretary shall provide details of the agenda of any proposed meetings to all BCGS Committee Members not less than 3 (three days) prior to the convening of the meeting. f. The BCGS Committee shall convene on not less than 6 (six) occasions each year to discuss general BCGS matters.

3.1.2 Decisions reached at BCGS Committee Meetings

a. Unless otherwise specified, a majority vote will decide the outcome of all agenda points discussed at BCGS Committee Meetings.

b. On any occasion when the vote on any particular issue is evenly balanced, the Captain shall have the final casting vote.

c. Any decisions to change the Rules and Regulations must be agreed by a majority of the elected committee, not by a majority of the number at the particular meeting.

3.2 BCGS Annual General Meeting (AGM)

3.2.1 Convening of the BCGS AGM

a. A BCGS AGM shall be convened at the BCB on a date and time to be decided by the BCGS Committee, but not later than 28th February each year. .

b. Any proposals for inclusion in the Agenda, and for subsequent discussion at the AGM, shall be produced in writing 7 (seven) days prior to the convening the meeting.

3.2.2 The AGM shall include the following:

a. Acceptance of the Captain’s Report, which can be circulated to members prior to the AGM. b. Acceptance of BCGS Financial Statement, which should be circulated, at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

c. Setting annual subscription rates

d. Election of BCGS Committee

e. Provide the membership with a forum for general discussion pertinent to the game of Golf. f. Presentation of Annual Awards and Major Trophies.

3.2.3 Quorum for an AGM

The quorum for the convening of the Annual General Meeting shall be a minimum of half of the elected BCGS Committee Members, and a minimum of five other playing members.

3.2.4 Notice of an AGM

Under normal circumstances the Secretary shall provide notice of the convening of an AGM to all BCGS members, not less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to the convening of the meeting; such notice shall be accompanied by the Agenda for discussion at the AGM.

3.3 Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)

3.3.1 Convening and Purpose(s) of an EGM

An EGM may be called by the BCGS Committee, or at least 10 (ten) ordinary BCGS (non‐committee)

members, by providing notice to all members, not less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to the date fixed for the meeting. The notice shall briefly specify the purpose(s) for which the meeting is being called and the issue(s) to be voted on.

3.3.2 Quorum for an EGM

The quorum for the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be a minimum of half of the elected BCGS Committee Members, and a minimum of 10 (ten) BCGS members.

3.4 Non‐quorate Meetings

In the event that an AGM or EGM fails to achieve the prescribed number of members within half an hour of the convening of the meeting it shall be declared non‐quorate and shall stand adjourned to meet again at the same time 7 (seven) days later, members will be advised of the failure to achieve the requisite quorum and shall be asked to reconvene at the specified date and time.


4.1 British Club Rules Governing BCGS Affiliate Members a. The General Committee of the British Club Bangkok (BCB) allows non-members to be ‘affiliates’ of the Golf Section (Affiliate Member/s).

b. A BCGS Affiliate Member must be sponsored by a paid‐up member of both the BCB and the BCGS, who is also the holder of a current BCGS handicap (a Full Member). A Full Member may only sponsor a maximum of two Affiliate Members at any point in time, provided that the total number of affiliate members does not exceed the BC members of BCGS.

c. Affiliate Members shall be permitted to attend BCGS activities at the Club, and shall be eligible to buy coupons for their purchase of food and beverage at such functions. d. The use of BCB facilities by BCGS Affiliate Members, other than as described at para.4.1c above, shall not be permitted, unless they are registered as a guest of a full member of the BCB and accompanied, at all times, by that member.

e. Affiliate Members may not serve in any voting position on the BCGS Committee, nor vote at any BCGS General Meeting, but may assist the Committee to administer the Section. f. All BCB members sponsoring Affiliate Members shall encourage their Affiliate Members to become full members of the British Club.

4.2 BCGS Rules governing attendance at BCGS events by BCGS Affiliate Members

a. BCGS Affiliate Members shall be required to pay the annual subscription fee, as determined by the BCGS Committee.

b. AII Affiliate Members shall be required to obtain a BCGS handicap through the submission of 3 (three) scorecards at organized BCGS events, or already possess a valid CONGU Handicap, and shall thereafter, be subject to all BCGS handicap rules and procedures.

c. BCGS Affiliate Members shall be permitted to participate in any BCGS event during the golf year; however, where limited numbers of places are available, BCGS Members shall, within reason, take priority over BCGS Affiliate Members.

d. BCGS Affiliate Members shall be required to pay the competition fee, as determined by the BCGS Committee, for entry into all events.

e. BCGS Affiliate Members must be re‐sponsored at the start of each golf year (1st March). In the event that the sponsor(s) of Affiliate Members are no longer able, or qualified, to re‐ sponsor their BCGS Affiliate Members such Affiliate Members must either find new sponsors or relinquish their BCGS Affiliate Member status.

f. The BCGS Committee has the right to refuse, or cancel, any Affiliate Member sponsorship if the Affiliate Member is deemed to be in breach of any rules of either the BCB or the BCGS, or any serious breach of golf etiquette.

g. ln all cases where the conduct of an Affiliate Member is brought into question, the sponsoring BCGS Member will be notified and given an opportunity to discuss the matter with the Affiliate Members and/or a representative of the BCGS committee.


5.1 BCGS Handicapping Procedure

a. The BCGS adheres strictly to the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) system of Handicapping, with all handicaps being calculated in accordance with CONGU guidelines. b. All players must have an official handicap recorded with the BCGS as a prerequisite for entry into any BCGS events, including all BCGS Major Competitions. Players may also obtain a BC Handicap if the Handicap Secretary accepts a current CONGU Handicap Certificate from another Society.

c. The BCGS events which are “handicap qualifying” are Monthly Medals, Monthly Stablefords, Club Championships, and individual strokeplay, Stableford or bogey major competitions, excluding the 3‐day Eclectic. Matchplay and matches against other societies are non‐ qualifying.

d. BCGS Members and BCGS Affiliate Members who have yet to obtain a handicap are always welcome to attend any BCGS events, including Major events such as the Club Championship, although they will not be allowed to compete for the main prizes until such time as they have obtained their official BCGS handicap. However, no player will be allowed entry into the draw for the Matchplay Championship without an official BCGS handicap.

e. In order to obtain an official BCGS Handicap, all BCGS Members must submit to the Handicap Secretary a minimum of 3 (three) fully completed scorecards from BCGS or other recognized Society events, subject to the provisions of para.5.2a below.

f. Handicaps become ‘inactive’ on 1st January each year if less than three qualifying scores have been recorded in the last calendar year. An ‘inactive’ handicap is reactivated once three qualifying scores have been recorded in the last twelve months. Whilst a handicap is ‘inactive’, members are not eligible to win competitions.

g. The BCGS is unable to maintain the official handicap of, or to issue a handicap certificate to, any player who does not play regularly with the BCGS.

h. All scorecards submitted to the Handicaps Secretary must be fully completed and legible, with the date and gross scores being clearly shown, and the scorecard having been signed by both the player and the person who recorded the scores.

5.2 New Members and Visiting Guests

a. The BCGS will accept introductions of new players from other recognized societies in Thailand, as well as golf clubs abroad, provided that the player produces a handicap certificate, and that the handicap has been calculated under a formal recognized handicapping system by the introducing society/club.

b. Prospective new BCGS Members or BCGS Affiliate Members (see Section 4) holding an existing USGA or CONGU handicap must present their handicap certificate to the Handicap Secretary.

c. The BCGS will always welcome visiting guests of BCGS Members. Such guests will be required to pay the competition fee, as determined by the BCGS Committee. However, with the exception of organized ‘Guest Days’, visiting guests shall be allowed to compete only for ‘technical prizes’.


6.1 Regular BCGS Competitions

a. A Monthly Medal Competition will be staged each month throughout the year, for a total of 12 (twelve) Monthly Medals. Each Monthly Medal event shall be staged at the same golf course throughout the year.

b. An Annual Eclectic Competition will be held in parallel with all of the Medal Competitions. c. Stableford Competitions will be held most months of the year.

6.2 BCGS ‘Major’ Competitions

a. The BCGS plays a total of 5 (five)’Major’ Competitions each year, comprising: i. The BCGS Club Championships

ii. The BCGS Matchplay Championship

iii. The Dunlop Cup

iv. The BCGS 3‐Day Eclectic Competition

v. The BCGS Juniors and Seniors Tournament

b. All paid up members and Affiliate Members with active CONGU handicaps are eligible to compete in all BCGS competitions, except that eligibility to compete in the annual Club Championship is restricted to those who have played with BCGS a minimum of six times since the last BCGS Club Championships.

c. Full competition details, including the awards presented at these events, are provided in Section 10 ‐’BCGS Competition Guidelines’.

6.3 Inter-Society/Association Matches

a. The BCGS plays a number of fixtures against other golf societies/associations on an annual basis for well-established trophies.

b. Full details of these events are provided in ‘BCGS Competition Guidelines’.


7.1 Regular Prizes

One ‘main’ prize is awarded at most regular BCGS events, along with ‘technical’ prizes. The Long Drive will only be played in any Handicap Qualifying Event or Major Competition. For the Ladies’ Long Drive, there must be at least 2 ladies playing in the Handicap Qualifying Event or Major competition.

7.2 ‘Major’ Competitions

At all ‘Major’ competitions and events, in conjunction with the ‘main’ prizes and ‘technical’ prizes to be awarded, members will also compete for well‐established trophies. Full details of these competitions and awards are provided in ‘BCGS Competition Guidelines’, in the Addendum.

7.3 Annual Awards

a. At the end of the golfing year, the following trophies and awards shall be presented at the AGM:

i. Golfer of the Year

ii. Medal Eclectic

v. Men’s Most Long Drives (The Grand Slammer)

vi. Ladies’ Most Long Drives (the Amazon Trophy)

vii. Closest to The Post (the player with the most Near Pins throughout the golfing year) viii. Longest Putt (the player with the most Long Putts throughout the golf year) ix. Captain George Cup ‐ the player with the lowest average Nett Score over the golf year.^ x. Norman Bond Trophy ‐ the most improved player over the golf year^

^ A minimum of 10 BCGS outings is required to win either of these two prizes.

b. All Perpetual Cups and Trophies shall be retained within the British Club. Winners shall be provided with ‘replica’ trophies.


8.1 Handicaps

a. Each player shall at all times, be responsible for recording their playing score in accordance with their correct handicap

b. Where any Member holds more than one current CONGU handicap (for example, through regular play with another Society/Club), they will be asked to choose which is to be their ‘Home Club’ for the administration of all scores, thereby ensuring that only one handicap is maintained for play with any Society/Club.

8.2 Rulings and Golf Etiquette

a. All BCGS Members shall accept any, and all, decisions or rulings made by the BCGS Committee in accordance with their jurisdiction to make such decisions or rulings b. It shall be the responsibility of all BCGS Members to strictly observe both the contents of these Rules and Regulations and the principles of Golf Etiquette.


9.1 Liquidation Procedure

a. In the event that the liquidation of the BCGS is deemed appropriate, this shall be permissible only at the AGM, or through the convening of an EGM.

b. A two‐thirds majority vote of all BCGS Members attending the AGM/EGM shall be required to carry the motion.

9.2 Timetable for Liquidation

a. The liquidation of the BCGS shall subsequently he undertaken within 90 (ninety) days of the date of the AGM/EGM.

b. Any funds remaining within the BCGS accounts shall be returned to the BCB upon liquidation


These guidelines describe the formats that have been used recently. The exact conditions each year are at the discretion of the Captain, in consultation with other societies where appropriate.


1.1 The Club Championships:

1.1.1 The Tournament

The Club Championships is the British Club Golf Section’s major event of the year. The Club Champion is the player who has the best combined gross score from 2 rounds of golf played on 2 consecutive days. There are 2 separate competitions being played, one for the men and one for the Ladies.

1.1.2 Eligibility

Players, who are members of the BCGS, hold a current BCGS handicap and have played with BCGS a minimum of six times since the last Club Championships are eligible to enter. Non‐qualifiers and guests are welcome to play at the back of the field on both days.

1.1.3 Handicaps

Players get full handicap for the net competitions which are consolation prizes. The tournament is a gross competition so handicaps are otherwise only relevant for starting order on day 1.

1.1.4 Flights

Players will be put into flights of 4 or less, in strict handicap order, with the lowest handicaps going first on day 1. For day 2, players will be put into flights of 4 or less, according to their GROSS scores from day 1. If the scores are the same a count back on the last 9 holes will be used to determine the order. The highest scores will go out first.

1.1.5 Putts

Players must putt out on all the holes. If they pick up on any hole, they will not be in the competition, but may still win technical prizes. Only completed rounds over the two days will be eligible for any prizes apart from technical prizes.

1.1.6 Count back

In the event of a tie, the usual method of count back will be used to determine the winner and club champion. In a two day event, best 2nd day, then last nine holes (2nd day) of the course (i.e. holes 10 to 18), then last 6 holes, then last 3 holes, then last hole are compared on a gross basis until a winner is found. If the scores are still tied, the trophy will be shared. To determine best net winner, net scores are used but it is best to let the CONGU system calculate this, so enter the scores into the system.

1.1.7 Trophies and Prizes (in order of importance)

The Club Champions ‐ lowest gross score over 2 days; Men’s and Ladies.

Best net score: Men’s and Ladies’

Runner up – 2nd lowest gross score over 2 days; Men’s and Ladies.

3rd place – 3rd lowest gross score over 2 days; Men’s and Ladies.

Best net first day. – Men’s and Ladies.

Best net second day. ‐ Men’s and Ladies.
(A player can only win one prize, so there are 12 prizes plus the usual technical prizes).

1.2 The Annual 3‐Day Eclectic

1.2.1 The Tournament

This is an annual event in which players get 3 days to record their best score on each hole of the course, the winner being the person who records the lowest net total over the three days.

1.2.2 Handicaps

Players will get 3/4 of playing handicap, rounded up so for example ¾ of a 22 handicap equals 16.5 rounded up to a tournament playing handicap of 17.

1.2.3 Putts

NO GIVE PUTTS ‐ Players must putt out on all the holes, on which they wish to score. If they pick up on any hole, they will not be able to compete for the best net score for that particular day. Only completed rounds will be eligible for the best net prize on the individual days of the tournament.

1.2.4 Count back

In the event of a tie, the usual method of count back will be used to determine the winner. Scores for the last nine holes of the course (i.e. holes 10 to 18) are compared on a net basis, then last 6 holes, then last 3 holes, then last hole until a winner is found. If the scores are still tied, the trophy will be shared. Best gross count back will be decided on gross scores.

1.2.5 Trophies and Prizes (in order of importance)

Eclectic champion ‐ lowest net eclectic score.

Best gross score – for the player who has the best gross score.

Runner up – 2nd lowest net eclectic score.

3rd place – 3rd lowest net eclectic score.

Best net first day.

Best net second day.

Best net third day.

(A player can only win one prize, so there are 7 prizes plus the usual technical prizes).

1.3 The Dunlop Cup

1.3.1 The Tournament

The Dunlop Cup is a pairs event played over 3 days.

DAY 1 ‐ is a best ball Stableford qualifying round. The tournament then splits into 2 parts: The Dunlop Cup and the Dunlop Plate. The best 4 teams on day 1 go into the Dunlop Cup the rest go into the Dunlop Plate.

DAY 2 ‐ The format is doubles Match Play knockout, playing off 3/4 of handicap difference based on the lowest handicap. Teams who finish 1st and 4th on DAY1 play against each other, and those that finish 2nd and 3rd play the other match.

DAY 3 ‐ The winners of each match will play each other to decide Dunlop Cup Champions and Runner‐up places. The other 2 teams will play off for 3rd and 4th.

1.3.2 The Dunlop Plate

DAY 2 & DAY3 will continue as best ball Stableford. The team scores from day 1 are carried forward to get a cumulative Stableford score at the end of the 3 days. The Dunlop Plate Winners are the team with the highest number of cumulative points. If the number of players is right, an alternative is to have the Plate played as match play as well.

1.3.3 Ties

In the event of a tie in the Stableford part of the competition, the winner will be decided on countback, the Best Ball stableford score for the last 18 holes, then last 9 holes, then last 6 holes, then last 3 holes, then last hole until a winner is found. If there is a tie in the match play event after 18 holes then the match will continue until there is a winner.

Strokes will be taken as the course plays.

1.3.4 Handicaps

Players get full handicap for the Stableford part of the tournament but the match play is played off ¾ of the difference stroking of the lowest handicap in the four ball.

1.3.5 Trophies and Prizes (in order of importance)

Prizes ‐ Dunlop Cup ‐ 1st – 4th and Dunlop Plate ‐ 1st& 2nd

There will also be the usual technical prizes on each day.

1.4 The Seniors/Juniors Tournament

1.4.1 The Tournament

This is a 2‐day event split between players (usually over‐50 and under‐50 on the day of the competition) dependent on age. The field has been split differently sometimes to even up the numbers in each event, but 50 years old as the cut off should be adhered to wherever possible. The format is usually bogey on day 1 and Stableford on day 2, players receiving full handicap.

1.4.2 Prizes. Seniors – 1st and 2nd and Juniors – 1st and 2nd

There will also be the usual technical prizes on each day.

1.5 The Annual Matchplay Championship

1.5.1 Eligibility

Players who are members of the BCGS and have a current BCGS handicap are eligible to enter.

1.5.2 Format

The format is match play over 18 holes (stipulated round as per the rules) in conformity with the rules of the R&A and USGA, as applicable to match play. All players should be aware of the differences in the rules between stroke play and match play, and that under Rule 33‐1 combining both formats is not permitted. Play will be from the regular tees (white and red) unless both players agree to different tees. The losers from the 1st round will be entered into the plate competition. The BCGS will hold special club days for members to complete their games if private arrangements do not suit each player.

1.5.3 Handicaps

The lower handicap player shall play off scratch and the higher handicap player shall have the full difference in handicap. Example player “A” has a handicap of 12 and is drawn against player “B” with a 20 handicap; Player “A” plays off scratch and “B” plays off 8. Strokes are taken as per the stroke index on the scorecard.

1.5.4 Draw

The draw for round one should normally be done by the end of February to allow time for the competition rounds. The draw should be made using the CONGU software on the handicapper’s system as it is set up to do a random draw and keep results.

1.5.5 Time and Venue

The first named player will propose a time and venue for the match. If the proposed date is unsuitable then it is the responsibility of the opponent to come to an amicable agreement that will complete the match before the stipulated deadline. All matches must be completed by the deadlines set; no exceptions will be granted. In the event that a match cannot be completed within the set time, the committee, after consideration of the circumstances, may designate one player to go through to the next round or exceptionally disqualify both players from the competition. If one of the players is a member of the committee then he will be excluded from the decision making process.

1.5.6 Procedures in event of a Halved Match

In the event that a match ends up all‐square, after the stipulated 18 holes, then the following procedures will be applied in the order given, to determine the winner:

1. A sudden death play‐off, beginning from the hole from where the match started if possible, and handicap strokes awarded as in the stipulated round.

2. Re‐arrange the match, if time permits.

3. If the above fails to produce a winner then the match will be decided on the toss of a coin.

1.5.7 Disputes

Any disputes should be resolved before the end of the match. As it may not be possible to have a referee with each match, unresolved disputes must be referred to the committee as soon as possible after the match. The decision of the committee will be final.

1.5.8 Results

The match result should be given to the handicap secretary as soon as possible after the completion of the match.

1.6 Inter‐Society Matches

The club has several annual fixtures against other golf societies for well‐established trophies.

1.6.1 Match against the Wanderers for the Magpie Putter.

The format is 2‐man scramble off ¼ of combined handicap.

1.6.2 Match against the Japanese Association for the Honda Cup.

The format has varied greatly over the years and is not set but tends to involve match play. Traditionally the two captains and vice captains meet over lunch well in advance to agree the format. Each team hosts the other on alternate years for dinner and prize giving.

1.6.3 Match against the Londoners for the Hapag Lloyd Trophy.

The format is usually pairs better ball match play with ¾ of handicap difference stroking off the lowest handicap in the 4 ball.

1.6.4 Match against the Scandinavian Society for the Volvo Cup.

The format is usually pairs better ball match play with ¾ of handicap difference stroking off the lowest handicap in the 4 ball.

1.6.5 Match against the Golfers Cocktail Lounge for the SUAL (shut up and listen) Bell. 

The format is usually Pairs with combined Stableford scores, Matchplay off full handicaps.